Monday, September 17, 2018

On Traffic Exchanges

WELCOME to our new site, "On Traffic Exchanges"!

If you have programs you want to promote, traffic exchanges will serve that purpose.

All sites featured here are FREE to join, plus you get loads of credits and ad packs (banners and text link ads) you can use upon sign-up, activation of link, and log-in. Really pretty easy to join the user-friendly sites.

The idea of traffic exchanges is you view other people's sites and in return, they'll view your site.

Depending on your membership (FREE or upgraded), you get a ratio for such viewing. 

Of course, upgraded members get more benefits and have greater potential for more eyeballs to their site, plus higher commissions if people sign up under their link (when they refer the site to others).

To know more about traffic exchanges, here are really cool sources which will give you fast and easy-to-understand information:

Hit Helper

You will find manual surf and autosurf sites here. You get to choose which one appeals to you the most. Either way, you get awesome exposure, so just sign up, activate your link, log in, and use the banners and text link ads for your programs.

Click this link to view more traffic exchange sites.

Have a great time promoting! It will be well-worth your while.